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About Me

Hey guys! I'm Tara Soukup, your photographer behind the lens! I have my Associates Degree in Professional Photography and have over eight years of experience. I specialize in newborns, babies, families, and seniors. I am located in O’Neill, NE. 

I was born and raised in Yankton, SD, so you’re probably wondering how the heck I ended up in Nebraska. When I was in high school, I worked at a restaurant. One day, a group of seniors came in and someone wrote down all the boys' numbers on a napkin. I happened to text a boy who would become my future husband. That’s right, I met my husband through a phone number on a napkin! After high school graduation, I went to Western Iowa Tech Community College for interior design. Turns out, the college cancelled the program right before school started. Let's just say that I didn’t choose photography, but photography just seemed to have chosen me. I fell in love with my classes and taking photographs. After college graduation, I made the decision to move to O’Neill and start creating my future. Little did I know this is where I would stay to establish my family. My family consists of my husband, Jacob, two beautiful children, Andy and Maren (who you will see a lot in my photographs), and our dogs Garth & Josie.  Recently, we purchased our dream home and love making it our own.  Fun fact about me? I LOVE to crochet! Any time I am not photographing or editing, you can usually find me on my front porch swing crocheting!

My photography style is pretty similar to how I live my life. My style tends to include darker colors, but I sure love making those colors POP in photos. I tend to be more attracted to darker colors. Man oh man, do I love to put smiles on people's faces with my exciting, spunky attitude. I've always got a smile on my face and a funny comment or two ready to go.  Photography wasn’t something that I had envisioned myself doing, but I'm sure happy I am where I am today!  

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